Whaddya Staring At?

by Leaving Austin

The Professor wears tights

Yesterday The Professor and I went for a long run. 11 miles on a cold and somewhat windy day in March! Geez when does it warm up around here? If I had known it would be freezing – and we had to dodge ice patches on the road — at the end of March, I don’t know if I would have signed up for all the Leaving Austin stuff.

We’re training for a half marathon in a couple weeks in Charlottesville, Virginia. Since we expect it will be hilly there, we found some hills to run on here. Just for some fun practice. Except it’s not fun today because my knees are hurting from running downhill.

Anyway, after the run we did like we used to do in Austin: go to breakfast. As is. Wipe off sweat, wash hands and face and go eat like little piglets.

We tried a new restaurant. It was so crowded you’d have thought it was Sunday and all the Churchies were there after the service. The hostess was real friendly and brought us to a booth in the back. Along the way, everyone — and I mean everyone — looked up and stared at us. The Professor, who is usually oblivious to those kinds of things, even noticed it.

In Austin no one would stare. Not when there’s Leslie to look at:

The Infamous Leslie of Austin


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