I Am Not A Mommy Blogger

by LeavingAustin

Or am I?

Fluffy and WigWam

If those two could speak, they would call me Mom. The way it is today, they say almost nothing, and I anticipate all their needs. Isn’t that a Mom?

Grace the Blue Lacy

Gracie, too, would call me Mom, but she doesn’t need to. There’s always food, treats, water and lovin’. Plus she is allowed on the sofa — with the other 4-legged children.

Whenever I travel, I hire a babysitter to take care of the kids at home. Sometimes she’ll leave me notes like these:

WigWam let me hold him, but Fluffy ran out the front door and I spent all afternoon looking for her only to find that she was hiding in the hedge by the front door the entire time.

Or this one:

I learned to go to bed early. Otherwise Gracie will beat me to it. She’ll take up all the space on the bed, and I have to curl into a little ball.

So what is a Mommy Blogger? Someone who blogs about their kids. Or, someone who has kids and blogs?

I’m not denigrating the job of Mom. Surely not the Mom of 2-legged children that is. It’s important — just as important as the job of Dad.


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