Goodbye Tiny Town

by LeavingAustin

Life seems carefree in a tiny town.

Life seems carefree in a tiny town.

Dear little tiny town on the Chesapeake Bay,

I’m leaving you. Yes, I’ve had enough of your small-town ways.

I won’t miss:

  • The filthy grocery store.
  • The 18 miles one way to a decent grocery store.
  • The lack of a good restaurant for dinner – not expensive, not fancy, just one with good food and customer service.
  • The very worst vet my animals have ever experienced.
  • The bizarre family practice doctor and nurse who told me never, ever to use him for “woman things” because it would get “very, very ugly!”
  • The landlord, who told me we were her best tenants she has ever had in her many years of renting properties, but refused to return our entire deposit.

I tried to love you, I really did.  It’s just that after leaving Austin, you had a lot of measuring up to do, and you never really did at all.

Here’s what I will miss:

  • The very best neighbors I’ve ever had – and now The Professor and I keep them as friends.
  • An eclectic book club filled with great people who never judged me for not reading most of the books!
  • Running in the early morning in the middle of the streets with no one else around.

Off to our next adventure in the big city!

  • Sunrise along the Chesapeake Bay

    Sunrise along the Chesapeake Bay

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