Downsizing: 9 Drawers to 1 Drawer

by Leaving Austin

Why do we need all these drawers anyway?

Why do we need all these drawers anyway?

My favorite food writer at the New York Times, Mark Bittman, wrote a piece  last December preparing me for the downsizing to come.  It was entitled:

So Your Kitchen is Tiny. So What?

The premise of the article is that it doesn’t matter how large your kitchen is or how many gadgets you have. It’s what you do with what you have. I know many people who spend thousands on fancy kitchen upgrades. They MUST have granite, but rarely eat a home cooked meal. They buy all the latest from Williams Sonoma, but mostly the stuff goes unused.

Clay and I regularly cook together. We enjoy creating new dishes. We read cookbooks or cooking magazines together. It sounds nerdy, but for us it’s actually a lot of fun. While we appreciate occasionally going out to a nice restaurant, we would much rather cook for friends or family.

So now we’ll learn to cook in our tiny 5′ x 7′ Houston kitchen, with our teeny weeny stove (at least it’s gas) and our small refrigerator.  Dishwasher? They just take up unnecessary space!

Keep repeating: It’s what you do with what you have…it’s what you do with what you have…

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